For us safety is a value not just a priority. We have built a leading reputation for our safety performance. It is the company’s culture that safety be incorporated in all that we do both in the office and out on the field as is our commitment to our clients as well as the environment. In all areas of our operations we operate under what we call our “safety first” rules outlined below:


  • Any unsafe activity must be stopped immediately.
  • All personnel must be fit to execute a job
  • Risk assessment must be done prior to any activity.
  • The right tools must be used for a job always.
  • A safe body positioned must always be maintained
  • Must ensure that there is no contact with any source of power (rotating machinery, electricity, pressure in pipes and hoses, sharp metal ends etc.) or any hazardous substance


  • Periodical evaluation of the reliability and integrity requirements of all safety critical systems;
  • Inspection and maintenance of systems must be based on achieving the highest level of safety integrity;
  • Hazardous substances must at all times be contained within the systems intended for their safe confinement;
  • Effective management and supervision of major hazard activities;
  • Regularly access and improve on the competency of key safety officers;
  • Periodical risk assessment for evaluating changing conditions and reliability assessment for safety critical systems;
  • Establish and monitor key performance indicators of safety system integrity;
  • Strive to integrate high standards of safety management systems between operators, well operators, rig owners and others involved in combined operations.