It is our policy to be responsive to the collective needs of our clients as well as our areas of operations in order to avoid, reduce or control pollution in our local areas of operation.

This has enabled our service provision to be consistent with international standards.

Commitment to Local Content

We have an active local content development policy, we believe that our commitment to local content development not only minimizes labour cost and material resources but also secures the economic future of Africa. Avanco’s policies include but are not limited to the following:

Local Content Development Policies include:

  • Provision of cost effective and leading edge engineering services by an indigenous company.
  • Strategic and technical Partnership with renowned global organizations to execute contracts as well as knowledge transfer through developmental training programs internally for local staff.
  • Investment in local and international training for indigenous technical and engineering personnel through certified degree programs, courses and conferences.
  • Priority for sourcing and utilization of local materials.
  • Major accounts should be domiciled in Nigerian financial institutions as well as long term use to fund projects

Community Development and Protection

Generating shared value means creating opportunities where we can work together with the communities where we operate to generate outcomes which benefit the community and which contribute to ensuring the continuity of our operations.

Working collaboratively with local people, organizations and governments to create sustainable outcomes for the countries where we operate is both a responsibility and a core value of our business

Our company views sustainable development success as conducting business in a way that promotes economic growth, a healthy environment and vibrant communities, now and in the future.

We care deeply about developing relationships with the communities where we operate. We think about the communities during our daily work and decision-making, and view these relationships as an important part of our social license to operate.

We think about creating jobs, supporting community investments and, most importantly, understanding how a community feels about our activities near where they live. It’s important for us to have a strong community connection, and to hear about local community issues and concerns. Communities contribute diverse ideas and valuable perspectives. Listening and understanding these views helps us be better at what we do.